‘Clip-on’ 9″ DVD Headrest Player


DVD entertainment for your rear seat passengers.

The Q500 clip-on DVD player attaches to the headrest poles of the front seats with convenient attachment brackets. They are easy to remove for security or to transfer from one vehicle to another as no assembly required.

NOTE: Many vehicle manufacturers now design their headrests to be ‘active’ and part of crash safety equipment – the headrest moves forward to help restrain the head movement.
You can only fit a ‘clip-on’ type DVD player as the original headrest cannot be replaced.

Product Price $299.00
SKU: Q500

Product Description

Supplied as single unit, they include a built-in 9″ colour LCD screen, DVD player, remote control and has FM audio output to play sound through your car
audio. Just tune in your car radio to hear the DVD movie sound.
There is also mini-jack headphone sockets for use with earphones and IR output for the optional IR wireless headphones.

The only wiring normally required is for power which is usually available in the centre console of the vehicle.
This makes for ideal DIY fitment as well as making it easy to transfer the players from one vehicle to another.
Alternatively, audio leads are supplied if you wish to connect directly to the vehicles audio system. This usually incurs additional fitting costs.

Available in three colours :- black (Q500B), stone grey (Q500G) and beige (Q500BG).


  • 9″ full colour high resolution LCD screen
  • Built-in DVD player
  • Built-in twin speakers
  • Universal headrest mounting bracket (attaches to headrest poles)
  • FM output – plays the sound through your car audio system
  • IR (infrared) A & B output for wireless headphones
  • FREE IR wireless stereo headphones (QHP2) – worth $59.00
  • Remote control / Games controller
  • USB & SD card input
  • AV In/Out- cables supplied
  • 3 colours: Black, beige or stone grey
  • 12 month product warranty

Please note: Specifications, colour and cosmetic appearance may vary.

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